Student Testimonials

When Stew and I first wanted to enjoy learning some holiday Spanish, Stewart couldn’t speak a word of Spanish and I had a few words and phrases. Steve had us speaking Spanish in lesson one – even Stew! In four months Steve has exceeded our expectations on what we could gain from these lessons. We’re confident in Spanish settings such as booking hotels, ordering food and day-to-day conversing. I can even take myself to a Doctor in a Spanish speaking world!

We’ve started looking at GCSE papers and I cannot wait to get my qualification. In my mind Steve is the perfect language teacher – he makes language learning easy with a perfect combination of fun, speaking, listening, reading and grammar. I would recommend him to ANY adult learners and to parents looking for a fantastic and highly qualified teacher for their children. Steve is just brilliant.

Stewart, Zoe & Adam | Spanish

In the short time I have been taking French sessions with Steve I can already feel my confidence returning. My vocabulary retention has improved, and his enjoyable delivery helps to make learning grammar rules much less of a chore!

Lesley | French

We are absolutely delighted with the support our daughter has received from Steve. Following lockdown last year, we were looking for tuition to ease the transition between GCSE and A Level French. Steve carefully assessed our daughter’s learning needs and ideal learning styles. They both got on really well together (plenty of humour helped!) and as a result, she has developed her confidence speaking French. Steve is very accommodating and flexible when arranging tutoring times. Everything has been superb. We cannot recommend Steve too highly.


My son is 14 and has found reading and spelling challenging because he’s dyslexic. In lockdown, he found it so difficult to keep reading. We work full time and couldn’t be standing over him all the time. I asked Steve if he could inspire my son to read, set targets and discuss understanding, etc. Steve has been catching up with him by Skype regularly and my son is willingly reading one of the Harry Potter books to reach the target he’s set each week.

He’s becoming more confident in his discussions about what he’s read when he meets with Steve, and motivated by the regular catch-ups. It’s great to see how engaged he is and how his confidence has grown after such a short time (it’s only been about 5 weeks). One-to-one really seems to be working and Steve is doing a great job – his enthusiasm seems to be rubbing off!

Steve is very knowledgeable in teaching techniques. He engaged straightaway with my son because he took the time to listen and get to know him. I was expecting a ‘bedding in’ period but there hasn’t been one. From what I’ve seen, Steve will work at developing that relationship because he’s so committed to what he does. He will also involve you to make sure his plan for the tutoring will meet expectations and ask for feedback on how you think it’s going.


Anyone searching for a language teacher who makes learning fun while at the same time giving an understanding and confidence to use a different language, I can personally recommend Steve Thomas. TTS Tuition: he ticks all boxes. Happy learning!


Steve has tutored two of my boys. My eldest (14) was tutored in French for Common Entrance exams after he performed badly in his Mocks and it shattered his confidence.  Steve began tutoring him at the end of March 2019 and he sat his exam in June 2019.  His confidence and excitement for learning grew week by week and we were delighted that this positivity resulted in an A grade.

We started our second son (13) with Steve soon after as he too had exams the following year. Again he had little self confidence in his own language abilities but once again his result from the exam in June was an A Grade! Both of my boys are very, very different and Steve taught them in very different ways, adapting his teaching to suit them.

The boys actually looked forward to their sessions and even when we had to change to virtual Skype lessons they thrived! We whole-heartedly recommend Steve to you!


I can highly recommend Steve. My daughter, who is currently year 11 has been having 1:1 Spanish lessons with Steve for approximately 8 months now and it is going really well!

Initially the classes were face to face but they have been on-line since lockdown, so she has still been able to make progress. The on-line learning has worked in just the same way as face to face as Steve plans the lessons well and gives good and thorough feedback.

We can really see the improvement in her Spanish grades and her teacher at school has commented several times on her grades improving and asked her what her secret was!