Sports, Coaching and Transitional Workshop

For children aged 9-16

Sports, Coaching and Transitional Workshop

Let's get the children outdoors and enjoying time with their friends through fun, active sports and coaching!

Oh, and for year 6 to year 7 children; a transitional workshop!

£25/child/day - join us for one, two or all three days!

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*Age restrictions apply. This activity is for children aged 9 - 16.
Football camp in shrewsbury

Sports, Coaching and Transitional Workshop

There are countless benefits to sports for our young people! Sporting activities are full of fun and they encourage children to get outdoors and move their bodies, all whilst socialising with people of their own age.

For the keen sports boy or girl, there will be specialist coaches in each sporting activity. Children will practice sports-related skills, drills, and activities and play mini-games with each other.

Event Details

The summer is here and after a whole lot of screens, virtual teaching, and homeschooling it’s time to get the children back out and socialising with their friends!

Choose a day (or attend all three) and join our activity days including a range of sports and coaching, a fun afternoon with friends, and for those transitioning from year 6 to year 7, a focused transitional workshop led by Steve Thomas. Steve Thomas is TTS Shrewsbury’s Managing Director, Tutor, and former Senior Teacher in Shrewsbury schools with more than 23 years of experience.

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