Northern France

3 Nights in the northern France

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3 Nights in northern France including transportation, accommodation and more

3 Nights in the nothern France, exploring French villages, countryside, culture and tourist attractions.
We're still in the planning process for this event but let us know if it sounds interested to you.

3 Nights in France

France lends itself to a few fun days spend on the North Coast. Children will enjoy the quaint French town, Boulogne-sur-Mer. Here, we will visit traditional French markets, perfect for a spot of shopping and finding gifts for the family at home.

We will also spend a day in Touquat where we will visit Aqualude, France’s very own Water World. There will also be a trip to Bagatelle, a French theme park.

To round off the trip the children will visit a traditional French sweet shop and partake in crepe making aswell as team-building activities.

All this less than an hour off the ferry!

What’s included?

This package will include:

  • 3 Nights accommodation
  • Transportation (Coach)
  • Daily breakfast and evening meal
  • Entry pass to all attractions

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    Steve Thomas

    Managing Director

    This event will be organised, managed and led by our very own Steve Thomas.

    Steve has more than 23 years experience of leading activities, trips and overseas travel for children. He’s led hundreds of national and international trips during his time as a Shrewsbury teacher.

    He’s multi-lingual, fluent in French, German, Spanish and Italian.