4 Nights in Spain's Capital City

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4 Nights in Madrid including transportation, accommodation and more

4 Nights in the Spanish Captial, Madrid. Including sightseeing, culture, retail therapy.
We're still in the planning process for this event but please let us know if this sounds interesting to you.

4 Nights in Madrid

Madrid is Spain’s capital; a city that welcomes the children to immerse themselves in the wonderful Spanish culture. For those who love to practice their speaking opportunities there will be ample opportunities here.

The 4-night Madrid trip includes a shopping experience, an opportunity to take in the stunning sites that Madrid has to offer. We’ll visit famous landmarks and there will be a couple of excursions too; one to a theme park and an optional second trip to the famous stadium Santiago BernabĂ©u Stadium; home to some of the world’s greatest footballers.

What’s included?

This package will include:

  • 4 Nights accommodation
  • Daily breakfast
  • Transportation (Coach or flights)
  • Entry pass to all attractions (excluding the optional football trip)

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    Steve Thomas

    Managing Director

    This event will be organised, managed and led by our very own Steve Thomas.

    Steve has more than 23 years experience of leading activities, trips and overseas travel for children. He’s led hundreds of national and international trips during his time as a Shrewsbury teacher.

    He’s multi-lingual, fluent in French, German, Spanish and Italian.