TTS Shrewsbury

Our Mission

To provide learner-centered tuition and language learning to people of all ages.

Through half-term and summer holidays: to safely engage children in a range of activities, so that every child can find something enjoyable to them. We’re advocates for pushing children to explore new ideas and hobbies, but we never expect them to do anything they’re not happy with.

About Us

We help children learn through custom 1:1 tuition. We host half-term and holiday events for children aged 8 to 15 – and there’s something for the adults too – language tuition.

Our team of private tutors are experienced teachers, ready to help children of all ages reach their desired educational goals. Whether children need to scrub up on their skills for an exam or need additional educational support outside of school we have a tutor for you.

During half-term and summer holidays we host creative and adventure workshops to keep children busy and parents free. Our holiday programmes balance fun, adventure and creativity with education – all whilst having fun with friends. We guarantee safety and security by having the TTS team of teachers and assistance in attendance at every single event.

Finally, for adult learners, we’ve got something for you, too! 
Our tutors can support adults through adult learning including GCSE subjects. Or, for those who are looking to explore a new language you can learn French, German, Italian or Spanish. We have something for everyone: relaxed lessons to learn a little holiday language, or, we can teach and support you to pursue formal language goals – taking you from hello to language-fluency.

The TTS Team

Meet the TTS Shewsbury Team!

Steve Thomas

Managing Director

With 23 years of experience as a Head of Year, Steve knows Shropshire’s young people. He knows what it takes to engage children in learning and activities. He has a wealth of experience in teaching children – and he has what it takes to provide fun, but educational activities, during half-term and summer holidays.